For registration on HU-GO platform

you have to follow these steps:

OBU One can facilitate HU-GO road tax for its clients
The producer, ETA Automatizari Industriale is certified by NUSZ and can be found in partner list on HU-GO official site

Step 1

Register yourself on HU-GO site here

Choose English language and choose option “Register”.

step 1


Step 2

Fill in with contact data, company data and vehicle data
After saving, you will receive log in data (user name and password) on the email address provided by you.

A. Fill in with company contact data

Step 2A
B. Fill in with company data

Step 2B

C. Fill in with vehicle data (the first one from your fleet)

Step 2c

D. Provide data for contact person and press “Save”

Step 2D


Step 3

If the case, add other vehicles in section ” Vehicles connected to present personal account”

step 3


Step 4

In OBU One package you will find OBU PIN and OBU ID.
Connect the vehicle with OBU system.

Step 5

Recharge HU-GO account by choosing ” Charging personal account”.

step 5
Account charging can be done online, by card …

step 5-2

or through bank transfer

step 5-3



Be careful! If you choose to pay by card, the sum must be expressed in HUF.

Important: in case you encounter difficulties while registering, please call the phone number: +4-031.0052.886