Starting with 1st of July 2013, Hungary introduced the electronic system for road toll, based on the distance covered by the national road network which represents over 6500 km (highways, express roads and main roads). At present, the chargeable road network consists of 6513 km divided in 2075 segments.harta HU-GO Ungaria

The value of road tax depends on the following factors:

  • journey lenght
  • road category
  • the number of axis (J2, J3, J4)
  • pollution degree (Euro 3, 4, 5)

HU-GO road tax is expressed in HUF.

How does the automatic tax system for HU-GO road fee work through OBU One?

  1. you have to install OBU One on the vehicle (within OBU One network or self install; it takes 30 minutes. You connect it to power and ignition wire)
  2. after settings are been done in the client account on the vehicle can enter Hungary
  3. make sure you have enough money in HU-GO account
  4. take advantage of transportation in Hungary without worrying for tickets
  5. OBU One OBU One communicates automatically with HU-GO servers (State Company for Highway Administration), sending information about road segments that have been covered (date, time, distance, type of vehicle)
  6. AAK charges your HU-GO account based on information sent by OBU One


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Gross tariffs for road usage in Hungary (HUF/km).

Toll Categories 2021