Cum si unde poti sa incarci contul HU-GO

Balance on HU-GO account can be provided through various ways.
Find out where and how you can charge your HU-GO account so that you save time and money.

According to your needs, use the following:

1. Fuel card

Charging your account through fuel card is the most popular method. By providing client code HU-GO at the gas station, the balance is directly transferred in real time, and VAT refund is being done in most cases by fuel stations.

Cards accepted for charging HU-GO balance are:

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2. Credit card

Some companies choose to charge HU-GO balance directly from personal account through credit card. This operation is very simple and can be done anytime. What is important, is that you need access to HU-GO account and you need to have a card at hand. The balance is charged in HUF even if you used another currency.

3. Cash

Each HU-GO selling point allows you to recharge your personal account. Like for the fuel card situation. You have to provide the number of your HU-GO account and the money will be available in real time in your account.

4. Wire transfer

Wire transfer is not a very popular method for recharging HU-GO accounts but in case you choose this option a number of things should be considered:

  • it takes up to 4 days for your money to be available in your account
  • consistent bank fees are charged

If you want to wire transfer your money these are the info you need:

Company: Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt.

Bank Account:


IBAN: HU11 1040-2166-4955-5557-5754-1313


K&H Bank Zrt., Budapest

Chips Univ Id.:295491 (Additional Routing Codes)