Sometimes it happens that you don`t have to stay on the same chosen route, sometimes other needs become a priority or sometimes you simply change your mind about the route. OBU One guides you through some simple tips describing what is possible and what it is not possible to do when you want to change your mind about the route.

Can I change the route?

Yes, depending on the way the payment has been done.

Buying a ticket

If you buy a ticket on the spot and you are not a registered user, you can not change the route afterwards. You can do this if you choose another route and buy another ticket. This leads to waste of money, paying twice the route and also wasting time because the driver has to stop at one of the selling points to buy the ticket.

If you are a registered user, and you already planned and paid the HU-GO road tax, the ticket can be returned before it becomes valid. In such cases, the money representing the tax will be sent back into your account. If the ticket bought previously, becomes valid, then the payment can not be reclaimed, even if you haven`t covered the route.

Buying authorized OBU equipments

Taking into consideration that OBU equipments register automatically the road sections used by the vehicles, the OBU devices send these information to NUSZ (the Hungarian national road company), so this means no costs and no any additional actions if you want to change the route.

Advantages and disadvantages for each payment method

1. Buying ticket from gas stations

– you buy it on the spot, from the place you find yourself at that moment

– you need cash or a card;
– the route once chosen, can not be changed;
– you have to know from the beginning the road sections you want to cover

2. Buying OBU authorized equipments (based on GPS)

– you save time;
– you don`t worry anymore about the tickets or about the toll checking points;
– you can change the route any time;
– you don`t waste time anymore calculating prices for different road sections;
– you open an account on HU-GO, you receive an OBU PIN and an OBU ID, you connect the vehicle to the OBU system and you don`t have to worry about any other arrangements!
– at the end of the road, you will receive a notification with the sum you have to pay
– you benefit of support via telephone when setting the HU-GO account

Disadvantages: there are no disadvantages!

If you want to travel light and safe, without stressing about changing the routes, we recommend you to take into consideration the OBU One offer for automatic payment of HU-GO road tax through a NUSZ certified OBU equipment!

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